Welcome to Timitch Hill

littlecalves.jpgTimitch Hill is an Australian lowline cattle stud located about half way between Rockhampton in Central Queensland (Beef Capital of Australia!) and the coast.

You will find all the information you require about the breed within the pages of this website, however please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like additional information.

cow.jpgWhy are we doing this?

Several years ago now we invested in a small acreage. The 25 acres we found was unfenced and overgrown with tall grasses but had about 600 paw paw trees and several hundred banana plants all producing. Oh, and a wonderful view which really swayed our decision. We had absolutely no idea about growing fruit. Lots of research and phone calls later we were fruit producers of a sort.

After a bushfire devastated the area, we were left with about 40 paw paw trees, no bananas, half a shed, the house and pretty much a clean, if somewhat charred and blackened, canvas. Having had reasonable success as horticultural novices, we decided on a complete change of direction to stud cattle. After considerable research, (again!) and visiting breeders of small cattle at the Brisbane Ekka we decided on Australian Lowlines for a number of significant reasons which we cover in more detail in the “Why Lowline Cattle” section.

From the initial purchase of a bull and three cows we now have several generations that we have bred and a herd hovering between 20 and 25 head. We have learnt, and are continuing to learn, lots. We have met heaps of helpful and interesting people and in the process had a good deal of fun. There is a rough division of labour – if it has oil, grease or an engine it’s Tim’s responsibility and if it has 4 legs or a heartbeat Michele is responsible. We both still have fulltime jobs, Tim as a fire-fighter and Michele as a teacher. So life is pretty busy.

We decided to concentrate on breeding quality, structurally correct cattle as well as maintaining genetic diversity. This remains our ongoing challenge…

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